Post-Honeymoon Fitness State

So, the problem of the workout. First of all, when starting something new, it isn’t hard to maintain your enthusiasm and pep for the first two weeks. It’s the post-honeymoon stage in your fitness trek that causes you to question if your relationship with your workout is really necessary. I mean, is it time to divorce him? After all, what’s he providing to you???  Okay…so maybe the health levels are better and your cardio is allowing you to run harder, faster, longer, and stronger! But the sweat…the tears… the extra hour/two hours out of your day with no physical results!!!

I’m just whining is all. I guess I’m losing my momentum and I’m having difficulty keeping up my enthusiasm for training/working out. This week alone, I’ve managed to forgo several workouts…yup, when I got back on the treadmill, I definitely felt the effects. It was hard to run. My stamina was low. And my enthusiasm….ha! down the drain!!!

So, here’s some ideas for all you who are dealing w/ this stage (it’s worked for me before, and will continue to work):

1) Get a competition on! Whether it be in your own brain or an actual competition b/t you and other people, this will help you continue aim for your goals. My sister recently lost 15 pounds and her success is pushing me towards mine since we’ve always had a competition to see who looks better…You know, sibling rivalry. With a competition, you push yourself further and are able to complete more of your fitness goals. That extra mile becomes necessary to go further!

2)Workout songs!!! Hello! Have you ever tried to workout to sappy love songs? Let me tell you, you break down and end up crying your workout away. So get those beat-boxing, heart-pumping, lung-jumping tunes! Current personal faves are ‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem, Kat Deluna (some great rhythmed songs) and Pitbull. I’m not going to lie, I’ve gotten so pumped by a song that I’ve fallen off the treadmill from dancing!

3)Fitness Pictures! Make a computer file or use an actual notebook to save pictures of people who have attained a level of fitness which you want to reach. Thus whenever you’re reaching for that candybar, look at the pictures and understand that by crippling your diet or reverting back to unhealthy patterns of eating, you’re only causing yourself to fail. So get those pictures of perfect abs, sculpted thighs, and toned arms!!!

Do any of you guys have tips when dealing with this stage. I’m obviously struggling, so help me out with some ideas!


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